Instrumentation, Communication, Monitoring

Simple Industrial Wireless Communication

Whereas SmartDisk and SmartSystem provide communication for up to 32 transmitters for each receiver, A2B provides simple industrial communications for situations requiring only a single device to be monitored.

The A2B System consists of wireless modules deploye in pairs.A2B These modules sense
analog and/or digital signals on one module and reproduce the signals on the other module using wireless communications.

The A2B system is bi-directional. Each module can sense three-analog or three digital inputs and then returns three analog or three digital outputs. Module A and Module B can each function as either a local or remote module.

Wireless Modules Deployed in Pairs

  • Supports up to 3-Analog Sensors
  • Supports up to 3-Digital Sensors
  • Communicates 1-or 2-way (A-to-B and/or B-to-A)
  • Supports Analog 4~20mA, 0-5v & Digital Sensors

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