Instrumentation, Communication, Monitoring

Wireless Application for Emergency Shower & Eyewash Stations

A BS&B SmartSystem Wireless Safety Monitoring System utilizes an ultra high frequency radio transmitter that is connected to a safety sensor. When a shower or eyewash is in use, the sensor changes state typically from
“closed circuit” to “open circuit” to “open circuit” and the transmitter broadcasts an accident signal. A receiving station identifies the unique signal from the transmitter and issues an immediate alert identifying the location of the accident.
Annunciation of the accident can be through a monitor integral to the receiving station, relay outputs in the receiving station, or existing user control systems. Emergency Equipment Monitoring

Monitoring and Alarm Notification

Victims of corrosive industrial spills or splash accidents require crucial immediate emergency assistance. Accelerated medical responses are often cited for reducing the severity of injuries. However, it’s a challenging, even unrealistic task for a plant’s medical personnel to monitor and know immediately when an eyewash station or safety shower has been activated, especially in large industrial plants with multiple safety stations. Unfortunately, the cost to install wired monitoring solutions for eyewash and shower stations is often an unbudgeted and expensive task that can quickly run into six-figure amounts…
Expensive, Until now!!!

Reduced Costs
The BS&B SmartSystem™ reduces these costs by 75% or more by completely eliminating the need for hardwiring. Our wireless technologies include a data transmission module (DTM) that is fastened to a eyewash or safety shower station. A sensor connected to the DTMis simply installed within the station. When activated, the DTM sends a wireless
signal to the centralized receiver, telling the receiver where the activation has occurred.
A single receiver can monitor a large number of transmitters, significantly reducing the cost.