Instrumentation, Communication, Monitoring


SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensor and Monitoring System

SmartDisk™ brings intelligent, reliable electronic communications between pressure relief devices and monitoring systems while eliminating the high cost of wiring.More information

Wireless Instrumentation

SmartSystem Flexible Wireless Platform

The BS&B SmartSystem is a wireless communication platform with optional monitoring capability that provides the user with the flexibility of supporting multiple sensor types.More information

Relief Device Manager

BS&B Relief Device Manager provides a wireless monitoring system that can be triggered by any switch or analog sensor.By accepting information from practically any sensing device, the user has complete flexibility regarding the method used to detect the operation or leakage of pressure relief devices.More information

A2B - Simple Industrial Wireless Communication

The A2B System consists of wireless modules deployed in pairs. These modules sense analog and/or digital signals on one module and reproduce the signals on the other module using wireless communications.More information

Emergency Equipment Monitoring
A BS&B SmartSystem Wireless Safety Monitoring System utilizes an ultra high frequency radio transmitter that is connected to a safety sensor.More information

Typical Applications for BS&B Wireless Technology

  • Rupture Disk Monitoring
  • Explosion Panel/Door/Vent Monitoring
  • Pressure Safety Relief Valve Monitoring
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Monitoring
  • Flame arrestor – Temperature and Pressure Monitoring
  • Emergency Alarm System for Industrial Areas
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Valve Actuation (quarter turn / linear) Monitoring
  • Gas Detection Monitoring
  • Tank Level Monitoring